My Virgin Ass Was Hers To Play With

Josh, a 20-year-old virgin, had always fantasized about being dominated by an older woman. One day, his dreams came true when he met Tiffany, a sexy 35-year-old who was more than willing to show him the ropes. She took him back to her place, stripped him down, and wasted no time diving into his eager backside. Tiffany's expert fingers massaged his tight hole, making his cock twitch with excitement. Then she slid a thick butt plug into his virgin asshole, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body. After lubing up her massive strap-on, Tiffany plunged it deep into his ass, stretching him wide as she leaned into his ear and whispered filthy promises. With every hard thrust, Josh grew more addicted to the mind-blowing sensations. The combination of pain and pleasure was an overwhelming cocktail that left him gushing his load all over himself. As Tiffany continued to pound away at his ass, Josh knew this was only the beginning of their hot new game.

Duration: 34:58

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#Family #Roleplay #Taboo

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