Anal Girl With A Toy

In this video you will see a beautiful young woman filling her ass with a huge toy. She lies on a bed with her legs spread wide as a man approaches her with a huge vibrator in his hand. The man starts teasing her with the toy by sliding it up and down her ass and pussy. She moans and squirms in pleasure as he gets closer and closer to inserting it into her tight hole. Finally he pushes the toy inside her and she moans loudly as he fills her. She closes her eyes, leans back on the bed and enjoys the feeling of the toy filling her. The man starts fucking her with the toy, taking it out and then putting it back in. She moans louder and louder as he goes faster until she cums hard all over the bed. After the orgasm, the man continues to fuck her with the toy, slowing down and then increasing the pace. She is in complete control of the situation, moaning and groaning as the toy fills her. Finally the man pulls the toy out of her ass and she moans loudly as she feels the emptiness. The video ends with her lying on the bed, still panting and enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm.

Duration: 12:35

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