The Hairy Anal Puppy

In this hot and steamy porn video you'll see a hairy anal puppy like never before. This puppy wants to please its owner and will do anything to fulfill his wishes. With his cute little nose and big brown eyes, he will definitely melt your heart. But don't let its adorable looks fool you. This puppy is a true submissive and loves nothing more than being dominated by his owner. He will do anything he is told, from licking his master's paws to giving him a hard anal fuck. At the beginning of the video you see the puppy bound and gagged, ready for use. His master comes at him with a big hard cock and is desperate to fill his tight little hole. With a few quick movements, the puppy's ass opens up and is ready to accept a cock. As the owner pushes deeper and deeper, the puppy moans with pleasure. He loves nothing more than feeling his master's cock filling him and stretching his tight little hole. With each stroke, the puppy's ass squeezes tighter and tighter, milking his master's cock. But this isn't just simple anal sodomy. The owner has a few tricks up his sleeve, including using a dildo to stretch the pup's hole even further. With the vibrator inserted, the pup's ass is filled to the brim and he moans with pleasure as his owner pushes him in and out. The video ends with the pup taking a huge load of cum deep in his ass, leaving him panting and satisfied. With his hairy butt still tight, he is the perfect submissive pup for any owner. Title: The Furry Submissive Puppy

Duration: 25:48

Views: 17

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