Jenny Noel Anal Ride

Jenny Noel is a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She's slim and fit, with a small but firm ass that's begging to be filled. In this video we will see Jenny getting her ass pounded by a big black cock. The video begins with Jenny lying on her back on a bed with her legs spread wide. She is wearing a tight red dress that shows off her cleavage and accentuates her curves. A black man enters the room and Jenny greets him with a smile. “Hey, big boy,” he says in a seductive voice. I have been waiting for you. The man takes off his clothes and kneels in front of Jenny. He starts licking her pussy and Jenny moans with pleasure. “Oh yes, it’s so beautiful,” he says. But I really want your cock in my ass. The man stands up, grabs Jenny by the hips and pulls her to her feet. He bends her over the bed and starts fucking her hard from behind. Jenny screams in pleasure as the big cock slides deep into her ass. “Oh my God, this is amazing,” he says. I have never felt so full. The man continues to fuck Jenny's ass, pulling it out and ramming it in again and again. Jenny moans louder and louder and her body shakes with pleasure. “Oh yes, that’s all,” he says hoarsely. Fuck my ass, fuck my ass. The video ends with Jenny lying on the bed with her ass still throbbing from the intense anal fuck. He looks into the camera with a satisfied smile. It was so good, he says. I can't wait to do it again. Title: Jenny Noel Hard Anal Ride

Duration: 29:55

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