First Anal Sex With Exgirlfriend

It's been a while since you've been with your ex-girlfriend, but you can't help but think about the wonderful time the two of you had together. You remember how he always seemed to know exactly what you needed and how he always managed to make you feel alive and wanted. One day you think about the one thing you've never had with her: anal sex. You know she would have loved it, and you can't help but wonder what it would have been like to have her on her back, moaning and squirming as you penetrated her from behind. They decide to take matters into their own hands and plan a surprise for her. You first purchase a high-quality anal lubricant and then set up a small, cozy candlelit room in your home. You put on some soft music and wait for him to come home. When she comes through the door, greet her with a warm smile and tell her you have a surprise for her. She looks confused, but you lead her into the candlelit room and close the door behind you. You turn on the lights and reveal your surprise: a beautiful plush bed with a luxurious duvet and a bottle of your favorite wine on the bedside table. He seems absolutely happy and thanks you for the thoughtful gesture. Then you tell her that you have another surprise for her: you want to try something new tonight. She seems a little surprised, but you explain to her that you want to try anal sex together for the first time. She seems a little hesitant at first, but you reassure her that you will take things slowly and make sure she feels comfortable at every stage of the relationship. Away. First you lube her up and then slowly insert your finger into her tight, wet hole. He flinches at first, but then relaxes and begins to enjoy the feeling. Continue touching for a few minutes, gradually working your way up to two fingers. He starts to get really passionate, moaning and squirming as you explore his body. Finally, you decide it's time to take the next step. You slowly remove your fingers and replace them with your cock. She seems a little nervous, but you calm her down

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