Delicate Virginanus Of The Virgin

In the biblical lands of Jerusalem, young Esther, a plump and buxom Jewess is set to lose her coveted anal virginity to the holy and anointed Rabbi Shlomo. This holy man, known in the synagogue for his impressive 10 inch shlong, has the divine task to deflower the willing Esther. With his throbbing member at full attention, he penetrates his willing skank. Initially, she takes it like a champ, but at later stages of penetration, she realizes just how big and fat the Rabbi's meat-sword is, and begs him to take it out. The Rabbi, refusing to be merciful, continues to thrust with sadistic delight. Then, as she is about to reach climax, she cries out in the holy and most unholy of ways. The Rabbi, still fully erect, feels the sticky and warm cum ooze from his meat-sword, and continues to pound still harder. Esther can no longer scream, her voice completely gone from orgasmic shock. Her vagina quivers as it erupts in a geyser of fluid, much of it running over the Rabbis gigantic Rabbi cock and onto the bed. After a final thrust, the Rabbi, unable to take any more of the filthy bitches intestinal juices, pulls his cock out and blasts a huge load all over Esther's stomach. With blood on the sheets and a long cuddle, the scene reaches its climax in a golden semen sunset.

Duration: 10:45

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