Blue Angel Anal Part1

In this anal sex scene we meet the gorgeous Blue Angel, a beautiful and sensual woman looking for a little pleasure. She has long, curly hair and piercing blue eyes and wears a tight blue dress that accentuates her curves. She sits on a bed with her legs spread wide and waits longingly for her lover to arrive. The camera zooms in on his anus, showing how tight and inviting it is. Suddenly we hear the sound of a door opening and the Blue Angels lover walks in. He is a tall, muscular man with short, dark hair and a thick beard. He's wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans and is visibly excited to see Blue Angel. The two stare at each other with wide eyes for a moment. Then Blue Angel wordlessly reaches over and takes his cock in her hand. She strokes him slowly, teasing him with her fingertips. He responds by thrusting his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper into her hand. Blue Angel looks into the camera, her eyes full of lust. “I can’t wait to feel this cock inside me,” she says in a sultry, quiet voice. Then, without warning, he stands up, turns around, and bends at the waist. She reaches back and pulls down her dress, revealing her bare bottom. Her lover watches her for a moment, then steps forward and grabs her hips. He lifts her onto the bed and lays her on her back. He spreads her legs and reveals her tight pink anus. Then, without hesitation, he takes her anus into his mouth and starts licking and sucking on it. Blue Angel moans loudly as he licks her anus, her body shaking with pleasure. She reaches down and takes his cock in her hand, stroking it slowly as he continues to lick her anus. He's clearly enjoying every moment, his eyes are closed and his body is writhing in pleasure. After a few minutes, Blue Angel's lover stands up and takes her anus in his hand. He stands behind her, his cock dangling. Then, without warning, he penetrates her and fills her with his big, hard cock.

Duration: 10:02

Views: 33

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