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In this intense and passionate anal session, Avery A is pushed to the limits of her pleasure as she takes her partner's huge, hard cock. As he penetrates deep into her tight, wet ass, Avery moans every inch, her body shaking in ecstasy. But this is no ordinary anal session. Avery is a submissive who loves to be dominated and controlled by her partner, and in this scene she takes full advantage of her need for submission. He spanks her hard, causing her to wince and moan in pain, before he pulls her hair and forces her to take every inch of his cock. As Avery takes her partner's cock, she is filled with a feeling of helplessness, but also an overwhelming feeling of lust. She loves feeling so vulnerable and submissive, and the feeling of being taken so deep in the ass only makes her want it more. As the scene progresses, Avery's partner becomes more and more aggressive, hitting her harder and deeper and making her scream in pain and pleasure. . He pulls her hair even harder, making her feel controlled and dominated and she enjoys every moment of it. Finally, as the scene comes to an end, Avery's partner pulls out of her ass, leaving her satisfied and satisfied. She collapses to the floor, panting and moaning as she feels the afterglow of her intense anal session. This scene is sure to leave you wanting more as you watch Avery take her partner's huge hard cock and enjoy every moment of it. Whether you're a fan of anal play or just love watching someone being dominated and controlled, this scene has something for everyone. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Duration: 12:37

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