Anita Bellini, Anal Maid

Anita Bellini is a stunning young woman with long dark hair and piercing green eyes. She has a petite figure and a round, juicy ass that's begging to be filled. As an anal maid, Anita spends her days serving her masters and fulfilling their every wish. In this video you will see Anita completing a number of tasks for her owner. Start by kneeling in front of him with your hands tied behind your back. He orders her to take off her clothes and bend over the table with her butt in the air. She obeys, her heart pounding with anticipation. Next, Anita is tasked with cleaning the master's anal region. Use a vibrator to lubricate his hole so he penetrates slowly and deeply. She massages his prostate, making him moan with pleasure. Then Anita gets a big, fat plug to insert into her ass. She grunts and moans as she takes it, her ass stretching and stretching around it. Then she has to ride it, bouncing up and down on the chair and squeezing her ass around the plug. Finally, Anita gets a strap-on dildo to wear. She puts it on and turns around with her butt facing the camera. Master approaches her, inserts his dildo into her strap-on and fucks her from behind. She screams in pleasure as he takes her and squeezes her ass around him. Anita is a real anal maid, always ready and willing to please her master. Whether it's wiping his ass, riding a plug, or taking a strap-on, she's always up to the task. Watch her serve her master with her body and ass on display.

Duration: 10:15

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