Anal Titan

In this epic anal adventure we follow the story of a fit young titan named John. John has always been fascinated by the idea of ​​sticking his huge cock into another man's tight, round ass. She's spent years practicing her anal skills, perfecting her technique and improving her stamina. One day, John finally gets the chance to show off his skills when he meets an attractive, muscular man named Mike. Mike is a little hesitant at first, but John quickly reassures him that he is in good hands. With a friendly smile and a reassuring pat on the back, John leads Mike to a secluded room where the two can explore each other's bodies in private. As soon as they enter the room, John's eyes light up with excitement. He can't wait to stick his cock in Mike's tight, round ass. Begin by gently massaging Mike's shoulders and back to loosen his muscles and relax him. Then he comes closer and starts licking Mike's ass, teasing it with his tongue and getting it nice and wet. Mike can't believe how beautiful it is. He has never experienced anything like this and is completely fascinated. John continues to lick and tease Mike's ass, leaving it nice and wet and ready for use. Then he stands up and sticks his huge cock in Mike's tight, round ass. At first, Mike is a little surprised by the size of John's cock. But he quickly gets used to it and begins to enjoy the feeling of John's cock tearing him wide open. John starts pumping slowly at first and then increases his pace to a fast and intense pace. You can tell Mike is having fun and is determined to give him the best anal experience of his life. As they continue to fuck, the two explore each other's bodies and feel every inch of their skin against each other. John's hands move over Mike's chest, squeezing his nipples and feeling the hard muscles beneath. Mike's hands move to John's shoulders, pulling him closer and feeling the strength in his back. Just when they think they can't take it anymore, John

Duration: 14:15

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