Anal Sex Stories 3

In this third part of our anal sex stories we present you a story full of passion and desire between two hot and horny lovers. The scene begins with the couple lying on the bed, their bodies glistening with sweat. The man's hands are on the woman's hips as he slowly slides his fingers into her ass, spreading her and preparing her for the pleasure to come. The further he touches her, the louder and more intense the woman's moans of pleasure become. She reaches down and takes his cock in her hand, stroking it slowly and teasingly as she feels his hardness increasing. The man can't resist anymore and bends over, takes the woman's ass in his mouth and licks and sucks her tight little hole. She arches her back, pushes her hips up and enjoys the feeling of his tongue on her ass. As the man continues to lick and suck her ass, the woman bends over, takes his cock in her hand and guides it into her ass. He slowly slides into her, filling and opening her. The woman moans with pleasure as the man starts fucking her in the ass. His movements are slow and deliberate at first, but become faster and more intense as they lose themselves in the moment. As they continue to fuck, the couple's bodies glisten with sweat and their moans of pleasure become louder and more intense. They climax together, their bodies twitching with pleasure as they both cum hard. The scene fades to black as the couple collapses on the bed, panting and drenched in sweat. They look into each other's eyes and smile, knowing that they have just experienced something very special. This is Anal Sex Stories #3, a story of passion and desire between two hot and horny lovers. Enjoy!

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