Anal Play With A Friend

* The scene begins with two young women, Maria and Sara, lying on a bed. They're both wearing lingerie and looking at each other with excited eyes.* Maria leans forward and whispers to Sarah: I've always wanted to try anal play with you. Sarah answers with a smile: Me too! I'm so excited to explore this with you.* They both get out of bed and walk to a dresser where they grab a bottle of lube and a vibrator. They return to the bed and lie on their stomachs with their legs spread.* Maria reaches over and applies the lube to Sarah's anus and slowly massages it with her fingers. Sarah closes her eyes and moans in pleasure as Maria continues to massage her anus.* After a few minutes, Maria takes out the vibrator and begins to insert it into Sarah's anus. Sarah gasps in pleasure as the vibrator begins to stimulate her nerves.* Maria slowly moves the vibrator in and out of Sarah's anus, increasing the speed as they both become more and more aroused. Sarah reaches down and begins rubbing her clitoris, increasing the intensity of the pleasure.* Just as they are close to orgasm, Maria takes out the vibrator and begins licking Sarah's anus, using her tongue to touch the sensitive nerves stimulated. Sarah moans and screams with pleasure as Maria continues to lick her anus.* The scene ends with Maria and Sarah lying on the bed, drenched in sweat, smiling contently at each other. They both look happy and content, knowing that they have just spent a wonderful and enjoyable time together. Title: Anal Exploration with a Friend

Duration: 10:54

Views: 32

#Facial #Oral #Mamadas #Checa #Natural Tits

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