Anal Part 2: A Wild Ride

The camera pans around a dimly lit room as we hear heavy breathing and moans. Suddenly we see a young man, Jack, standing in the middle of the room with his back to the camera. He's wearing nothing more than a pair of tight white boxers that accentuate his toned and muscular body. Suddenly the door swings open and we see a beautiful blonde woman standing in the doorway. She wears a tight red dress that leaves little to the imagination. As she walks toward Jack, we see a pair of strappy heels clicking on the wooden floor. Jack turns to her and we see a look of pure desire in his eyes. He reaches out and takes her hand, leading her to the bed. As they leave, we see a few other items scattered around the room: a vibrator, a vibrator, and a bottle of lube. When they reach the bed, Jack takes her onto his lap and begins kissing her passionately. We see his hands sliding over his chest, feeling the muscles beneath his skin. As they continue kissing, we see the dildo and vibrator lying on the bed ready for use. Jack breaks the kiss, pulls back and looks into her eyes. He says: Are you ready for this? She nods and looks at him with a mischievous smile. Jack starts licking her lips and slowly moves down her body. We see him running his tongue over her breasts and feeling her hard nipples through her dress. Then he starts running his tongue over her stomach and feels the muscles under the skin. When he reaches his ass, we see him taking the dildo out of the bed and slowly inserting it. We hear her moan as he starts pumping it in and out. We see him running his hands over her hips and feeling the curves of her body. Just as she's about to cum, Jack takes out the vibrator and starts licking her anus. We see her moan louder as he begins to push the vibrator inside her. We see her hands gripping the sheets as she feels the vibrations on her clit. As well as

Duration: 11:58

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