Anal Heat, Split Assholes

In this scorching anal action scene, we see three gorgeous women with split asses getting slammed hard by their partners. The first starlet has a perfectly lobed asshole that tightens like a vice around every inch of cock. As the other two girls watch in amazement, she takes three massive loads to the ass and cums like crazy. The second girl has long, slender assholes that stretch wide around whopping cocks of all sizes. We see her take pussy juice, cum and even a piss load to her holes before cumming in climactic ecstasy. The third girl has luscious, ripe tits and a generic looking ass. It may not have the 'Equal' theme, but the competitive spirit is still there. As she receives a constant stream of loads, she lifts her tit to her partner's ear and tells him that she has something special to share with him. He pulls her head to the side and the words that spill from her mouth are something that would make the hairs on an influence's chest stand up. It's clear that even though anal heat may be pushing her to her limits, she still has the chutzpah to advance her own interests. This is a story about passion and ambition in the here and now.

Duration: 19:46

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