Anal Clinic 4: Intense Anal Play With Sexy Patients

Welcome to the latest episode of Anal Clinic 4, where we take your anal pleasure to a new level! In this episode we showcase some of the most intense anal play with our sexiest patients. Firstly, we have a beautiful blonde with a tight, juicy ass. She's here for a full anal exam and we won't hold back. We start with a gentle probe, feeling every inch of her tight hole. But soon we'll stretch her with a bigger dildo and prepare her for even more intense pleasure. Next we have a sexy brunette who is here for some serious anal play. We start with a vibrator to tease her hole and get her all hot and ready. Then we move on to a bigger toy, feeling every inch of her tight ass as we push it deep inside. But that's not all: we also show some of the most intense anal orgasms you've ever seen. With our experienced therapists and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to take our patients to new levels of pleasure and ensure that every orgasm is intense and satisfying. And if that wasn't enough, we also show some of the most extreme anal procedures including anal fisting and double penetration. So if you're looking for something truly extreme, don't miss this episode of Anal Clinic 4. So grab your dildo and get ready for some of the most intense anal play you'll ever experience. Welcome to the Anal 4 Clinic!

Duration: 21:45

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