Anal Attack

A beautiful and sexy amateur lies on her back with her legs spread wide open while a well-built, muscular guy walks towards her. The guy is wearing a leather jacket and skinny jeans and looks like he means business. He starts licking her pussy, teasing her and making her wet. As he continues licking her, he begins to insert his finger into her tight ass. She moans and moans as he finger fucks her, stretching her ass and preparing her for the real thing. Then the guy removes his finger, replaces it with his cock and slowly pushes it into her tight hole. She screams in pleasure as he starts fucking her hard and fast, fucking her ass and making her cum. The guy keeps fucking her for several minutes until he finally pulls out and squirts his cum all over her ass. She looks at the camera, her face covered in cum as she smiles and moans. End. Title: Anal Attack

Duration: 23:22

Views: 35

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