Anal 4 Scene 5: Intense Anal Fuck

In this intense scene, the two men begin passionate foreplay, fingering each other and preparing each other for the main event. The first man starts by slowly sliding his finger in and out of the other man's ass to tease him and relax him. As they continue to tease each other, they end up using a vibrator, which they take turns using. on each other. The dildo is slowly pushed in and out, getting deeper with each passing moment. While they continue using the dildo, they eventually decide to take it a step further and use a strap-on. The first man puts on the strap-on and inserts it slowly, feeling the other man's ass tighten around him. The further they fuck, the more intense their passion becomes and they start grunting and moaning as they cum. The first man pulls out and cums on the other man's ass while the other squirts his cum out and all over the first man's face. As they lie there panting and covered in cum, they look into each other's eyes and smile contentedly. This was an intense and satisfying anal and they both knew it. Title: Anal 4 Scene 5: Intense anal fuck

Duration: 14:49

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