Accompany Spouse Anally

[Scene 1: The couple is introduced. They both sit opposite each other on the bed. The husband holds a condom in his hand. The woman smiles and looks at the camera.] Husband: I wanted to try something new with you, darling. I was thinking about trying anal play. Woman: Oh, really? Looks interesting. I'm willing to try it. [Scene 2: The husband puts on a condom and begins to penetrate his wife's anus. The woman moans and enjoys the feeling.] Woman: Oh, it feels so good. I can't believe I've never tried this before. Husband: I'm glad you like it, darling. I will go slowly at first and make sure you are comfortable. [Scene 3: The husband continues to penetrate his wife's anus, gradually increasing the pace. The woman is now moaning loudly and enjoying the feeling.]Woman: Oh yes! I love it. Please do not stop. Husband: I'm not going anywhere, darling. I'll make sure you cum hard. [Scene 4: The husband continues to penetrate his wife's anus and finally makes her cum. The woman is now moaning loudly, enjoying the feeling.]Woman: Oh my God! It was great. I've never felt so good. Husband: I'm glad you liked it, darling. I think we should do it again sometime. Woman: Absolutely. I can hardly wait.[Scene 5: The couple is now lying on the bed, hugging and looking at each other. The woman smiles and looks at the camera.]Woman: I can't believe how good it was. I'm so glad I did it. Husband: Me too, darling. I think we should do it again soon. Woman: I can't wait. I love you. Husband: I love you too, darling. Let's do this again.

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